Find Yourself in Accra? 10 Places You Gotta Eat At!

Find Yourself in Accra? 10 Places You Gotta Eat At!

March 18, 2016

Written by Lydialgf

When I travel, the two things I look forward to the most are: being a tourist and eating great food. Before I travel, I always research to make sure I eat at that city's top food joints; preparation is key. If you're traveling to Accra soon, or are already here, let me make it easy for you by recommending a list of places to eat at while in town:

1. Starbites

Starbites is definitely becoming Ghana's family diner. With locations sprouting up all over Accra, you'll be sure to find one close to where you're staying.


2.  Chez Clarisse 

Ask anyone who's been to Accra and they will definitely say they ate at Chez Clarisse. The word on her food is spreading like wildfire, and with good reason!


3. Buka

Buka is great for you to go with friends, where everyone can order something different for all to share and get a taste of different West African cuisines. 


4.  Josie's Cuppa Cappuccino 

This is one of my favourite places to go to for a good sandwich. Josie's has so many options to choose from, and with a smoothy on the side, you'll leave satisfied.


5. The Neem Grill

Increasingly becoming known as Accra's green oasis, The Neem Grill is great for eating and relaxation. Their menu is made up of grills and pizza, and all their food items are locally sourced.


6. The Republic Bar and Grill

Make sure to try the Republic's  signature drink "Kokroko" with a portion of fried yam and pork or chicken wings.


7. The Honeysuckle

This bar has been my go to place for wings and burgers since I first came to Ghana and it's still just as good as I remember. Make sure you dine at the Honeysuckle.


8. HSI Orient Thai Restaurant 

HSI is definitely my favourite Thai restaurant in Accra! I could eat their spring rolls everyday, I promise you! And the pad thai? Superb!


9. Cafe Kwae 

This cafe opened only six month ago, yet when I hear someone hasn't been there, I can only gasp and ask, "why not?!" I especially love Cafe Kwae's skinny fries, but whatever you order, it'll be divine. 

10. A Home-Cooked Meal!

If you really want a taste of what the local food tastes like, ask your host to have you over for a meal. There surely isn't anything better and welcoming than a home-cooked meal!


As the Accra Food Scene continues to expand, you'll surely find what you're looking for, from Thai to Ghanaian food and everything in between! I hope my choices please your tummies!
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