2015 Ufulu Festival: Malawi's Independence celebrations

July 13, 2015

The 2nd Annual Ufulu Festival took place on July 6th, 2015 in celebration of Malawi’s Independence Day at the Mbowe Filling Station. This is a free and public event, put on by Flood Church, incorporated music, dance and culture to give youth a platform to celebrate and reflect on Malawi’s 51 years of freedom, while looking ahead to the future. 

Last year’s Ufulu Festival was attended by over 300 people and featured a lineup of talented musicians, poets and dancers. In addition to great performers, this year’s Ufulu Festival had food, snacks, and drinks available for purchase from local partners, a children’s play and craft area, as well as visual and interactive arts.

The Flood Church organizes this free and public festival on Independence Day to provide a space for Malawian youth and families to enjoy their culture and celebrate freedom in a communal way. 

There is no event of this kind in the city, thus the Ufulu Festival is adding something unique and necessary to Lilongwe’s celebrations. The lineup of talented artists who performed at the 2015 Ufulu Festival included: 

  • Faith Mussa 
  • Q Malawezi 
  • George Kalakusha 
  • Ernest Ikwanga 
  • Marlyn Chakwera 
  • Sam Mjura Mkandawire 
  • Joshua Matonga 
  • KBG 
  • Menes La Plume 
  • Daniel and J Nathal 
  • Kelvin Shema 
  • DJ Kali 
  • Timoteo Malawi 
  • Impact 
  • Dali Mizaya 
  • ---

    Timothy Ntilosanje is a Malawian freelance writer, poet, social media guru and arts enthusiast. He specializes in art, music, tourism, culture, entertainment and youth empowerment.

    Photo Credits: Timothy Ntilosanje & Francesco John Mpambe Jr.


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