The 2015 Dakar Fashion Week, presented by Adama Paris

June 20, 2015

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June 9th-14th, 2015 marked Dakar's 13th annual Fashion Week event in the West African Fashion Capital. Despite a busy week, we were psyched to finally attend our first DFW event, brought to us by the ever lovely, Adama Paris, and take a few snaps of Dakar's very own fashion icons. Enjoy ;)

Kim and I posing with the Omar Victor Diop image and billboard that's been up around Dakar.

Some gorgeous and picture ready ladies.

Loved every minute of this turban-wearing and fan-fluttering man.

The lighting was tough, but luckily I think this man looks good in blue.

Casual front row all stars!

On the catwalk.

Waiting patiently for the show to begin.

Dakar Fashion Week's finale took place at Radisson Blu on Saturday, June 13th, showcasing 10 designers from around West Africa. The collections ranged from avant guard, like Selly Raby Kane, a new take on traditional with Colle Ardo, and standout of the evening, Sofie Zinga. Here are a few images from the collections. 


I'm a sucker for that magenta and ochre combo. 

Selly Raby Kane is the cutest by far of the avant guard fashion designers.

I was glad to see some go the traditional route with batik bazin boubou and head wrap.

Gold embroidery says it all.

And what.

This isn't the most clear photo but my heart flutters when designers use locally woven fabric!

Sophie Zinga nailed it with her 100% locally-made and dyed in Senegal collection.
I think overall the show was quite stunning, the models, lights, music and of course the clothes! I would LOVE to see more designers using locally made fabrics like the woven panels or branching out into more avant guard territory. It comes to no surprise that my two favorites of the evening were Selly Raby Kane and Sophie Zingawho both connect to the local culture in their work.
Alright fashionistas, I will be writing more about working with the Ethical fashion label, Bélya, pretty soon. Taataa for now. Stay glamorous.

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