I AM CONGO: A captivating journey into the heart of Congo

From the heart of Brazzaville to Pointe-Noire, so begins an unprecedented journey into the heart of Congo, a country rich in culture, nature and everyday heroes.

Episode 1: Another Congo - Maybe someone has already brought you back some stories, some sounds, some travel diaries. But what if there was more? To get to know the Congo, you have to walk through the streets and spend some time with the local people. 

Episode 2: Welcome to Brazza - The city of the Sapeurs (The Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People), the Wrestlers-Fetichists and the artists of Poto Poto Painting School.
Episode 3: Wild Coast - Maybe it's the fresh sea air that gives people from this place that little something different and makes them happy. This youth is forging the Congo of tomorrow.
Episode 4: Ordinary Heroes - Meet the ordinary heroes who keep the Congo going by the sweat of their brows.
Episode 5: Rise of Nature - If you have never heard the sacred breath of the earth, you would have so much to discover here, at the heart of the Congo.
Directors / Executive producers / DOP :
Juan Ignacio Davila : vimeo.com/dvljuan // twitter.com/juan_dvl
Produced by Daniele Sassou Nguesso
Production company :
SPOA FILMS: spoafilms.com // twitter.com/spOaProd
Production assistant : Emilie Lucas
Starring Brice Djamboult
Editing : Charlotte Audureau / Juan Ignacio Davila / Antoine Brun Hairion
Assistant Editor : El Mehdi Bahou
Assistant to filmmakers : Love Gildas
Sound engineer: Mathieu Chiaverini / Eric Rey
Color Grading: Dimitri Darul
Logistic in Congo: Marian Ngolo
Logistic crew in Congo : Destin Ambi - Jean Bruno Ibara - Loembe Richel - James Obanda - Malonga Godiel - Christian Mabanza
Music : Encore Merci


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