6 Things To Do & Places to Explore in Ghana

This month we're celebrating and exploring the west African country of Ghana. From its vibrant people to rich traditions, Ghana is a certainly a place to visit. Here's MAPP Africa's top tourist picks: 

1) Relax at Bojo Beach, Accra

Looking for a peaceful getaway, Bojo Beach is the perfect place for a calm weekend with friends and family. The white sands and clear crystal waters provide a great setting for fun activities, like canoeing, fishing and jest skiing. 

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2) Shopping at Kejetia Market, Kumasi

Who doesn't love shopping? Go to Kumasi and visit the largest market in Africa, Kejetia Market. With over 10,000 stalls, you will find anything from food and fabrics to beauty products and sculptures. If you're a foreigner, be sure to have a guide take you around the market and help you bargain.

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3) Explore history at Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

Located in downtown Accra, the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park provides a glimpse into Ghana's history. As the first African country to gain independence, the park is dedicated to Ghana's most prominent independence leader, Kwame Nkrumah. We recommend a guided tour to fulfill your inner history nerd.

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5) Discover nature at Kakum National Park

Get lost in over 375 square kilometres of lush rainforest at Kakum National Park. At 40m high and 350m long, the park has one of only 2 locations in Africa that has a canopy walkway. Located in the Central Region of Ghana, there are over 105 species of flora in the park to discover.

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6) Acknowledging the past at Castles & Forts

There are 3 castles and 15 forts that were erected by the Europeans between 1482 and 1786 along the Gold Coast. Spanning a distance of 500km, these posts were designated for the trade in goods and enslaved Africans. One notable location is Elmina Castle, which is now a major tourist attraction where visitors learn about the history and effects of the slave trade in West Africa.


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